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Visit to HardWax – Berlin

On my recent travels to Berlin, I had to stop of at the great record store that is: HardWax

This was my 2nd time visiting the establishment and found it to be quite an accomplished journey after finding some great records.

Hard Wax is one of the world’s leading shops for cutting-edge electronic dance music, such as techno, house, dub and electro.

The selection process:

I find that most shops I go to operate slightly different. With this one it’s a purely help yourself method but there great with recommendations.

I asked for a particular artist and referenced to some recent purchases and they have me a great selection to sample

Highly recommended store to visit of you’re ever in Berlin – staff are friendly and the atmosphere is pretty cool especially Being home to some of Berlin a top DJ’s.

Store website: Hardwax

Forgot About The Records – 002

Forgot About the Records – 002, the 2nd edition of the Deep & Underground house music mix by Nat Wendell. Not to be confused with other mixes Nat has put together previously, this bears no compromise.

Some of the tracks featured on this mix are from a selection of great labels such as: Home Invasion  ItaloJohnson, Adult Central, My Love is Underground.

Artists featured are: Dungeon Meat, ItaloJohnson, Mr G, Point G, Franck Roger.

I hope you enjoy this mix – I have all but one request, please play it loud!










All tracks selected & played on this mix are of a vinyl format.

Preview/Stream Online:

Download Tracked Mix:
Forgot About The Records – 002

Vinyl Club – Dalston Roof Park

This coming Thursday, 12th June – I’ll be talking part in vinyl clubs event at Dalston roof park which sees DJs & vinyl lovers come together for a great evening of music and vinyl.


“The concept is to invite new and undiscovered talent to showcase their music, exchange records, guide them on technical skills and invite well known DJ’s to come and show others how they perform. There will also be talks and presentations from different areas in the music industry, and guidance on many subjects, from how to put you music out there, starting a label, producing tips, marketing, branding yourself as an artist, and other subjects in the music industry.

This will be a great opportunity to create a community of similar minded DJs, artists, producers and generally music lovers, and to provide a meeting point to help people network with other musicians and companies which are sometimes hard to get in contact with.”

All information available here

See you there!

Nat Wendell – Live at Home meets Se7en

This is a live recording of Nat Wendell deejaying live at the event Home meets Se7en on May 4th – Venue: Club no.65 (Vauxhall).

Some of the tracks feature on this live mix are from the following artists: Franck Roger, Burnski, Detroit Swindle, Nat Wendell, Mountal, Paolo Rocco.

Labels: Dirt Crew, Objketivity, Lost My Dog + many more











Preview/Stream Online:

Download Tracked Mix:
Nat Wendell – Live at Home meets Se7en

Forgot About The Records – 001

Forgot About The Records, a brand new mix series by DJ & Producer Nat Wendell.

Inspired by regular visits to the records shops, new music, parties both in UK and abroad, this mix encompasses some of the sounds that have helped Nat develop and progress his career as a DJ & producer. It’s not subjected to one genre of house but features a range from Deep House – Soulful House in one eclectic fusion.

This mix features music from some of the following labels: Local Talk, Dungeon Meat, Sccuucci Manucci + many more.

Also, artists include: Funk Butcher, Detroit Swindle, Tom Noir

I hope you enjoy this mix – I have all but one request, please play it loud!










All tracks selected & played on this mix are of a vinyl format.

Preview/Stream Online:

Download Tracked Mix:
Forgot About The Records


Miami 2014 Sampler EP – [KSS 1444]

Today see’s my 1st release on well established label for over 20 years: King Street Sounds. Details below…










Release Information

Title: Miami 2014 Sampler EP [KSS 1444 - Miami 2014 Sampler EP]
Label: King Street Sounds
Release Date: 24th Feb 2014

1. 2 Good Souls / Twisted My Mind 
2. Jazzman Wax / Dance 4 Our 
3. Namy feat. Josh Milan / From Now On (Namy Remix) 
4. Nat Wendell / Know Where It’s At 
5. Nat Wendell / Know Where It’s At (Late Night Dub)

You can purchase my tracks “Know Where It’s At” HERE

Soul Aspiration Vol.14

Soul Aspiration springs back this autumn with another sought after soulful house mixes to add to the series, Soul Aspiration Vol.14. 

This mix contains some of the latest and best soulful house tracks out at the moment, including a couple throw back classics – uplifting, vocal and melodic sounds mixed & compiled by Nat Wendell for you listening pleasure. 

Some of the artists featured on this mix are: Reelsoul, Blaze, Lynn Lockamy, Booker T, plus many more. I hope you enjoy Vol.14 of the Soul Aspiration series.










Track List:

01: Fly (Reel People Remix) – Tony Momrelle
02: Hostile Takeover (DJ Spen & N’Dinga Gaba Remix) – Soulful Session feat. Lynn Lockamy
03: How Deep Is Your Love (Danny Krivit Re Edit) – Blaze
04: Take Me Away (DJ Bullet Deeper Mix) – Rune feat. Princess L
05: Walking Away (Original Mix) – Wipe The Needle ft Xavier
06: Fallen (Reelsoul Main Mix) – Campsoul feat. Tanya Stephenson
07: Just 2 C U Smile (Booker T Club Mix) – Mike City
08: Music For My Sun (Sean McCabe Remix) – Taliwa
09: Searching (Original Mix) Reelsoul Feat. Kaylow
10: Free – DJ Kent feat. Chad Saaiman

Preview Mix:

Download Link:
Soul Aspiration Vol.14

Depth of My Soul Vol.7

Depth of my Soul returns this autumn with another hard hitting mix, Vol.7. This mix is Nat Wendell’s exploration into the sounds of Deep House Music –  minimal vocals, uptempo with bouncy basslines. 

Most of the tracks featured on this mix are new and have been on heavy rotation by Nat Wendell. Depth of My Soul Vol. features artists such as: Dusky, Detroit Swindle, Dennis Ferrer & many more. I hope you enjoy another exploration into the Depth of My Soul Series.











Track List

01 Words Later On (Original Mix) – Dusky
02 Mind Ur Step (DF Dub) – Dennis Ferrer feat. Janelle Kroll
03 Voices – Nicko Vee
04 Lucy – Roman IV
05 Guffaz (Original Mix) – Cristoph
06 The Fade (Original) – Outboxx
07 Sometimes (Original Mix) – Detroit Swindle
08 Hypnotize – Mr. Kavalicious
09 Do It (Original Mix) – NiCe7
10 In The Heat (Of The Night) (Aki Bergen Dub Mix) – Woods ft. Luyo
11 Can You Feel It – Mike Sharon
12 Lost In The Zoo (the martinez brothers bronx zoo mix) – Burnski
13 Feelin This (Original Mix) – Aaaron

Stream Online:

Download Link:

Depth of My Soul Vol.7

Album: karizma – Wall of Sound

Im excited and in high anticipatin of Karizma’s new album after hearing a sample on SoundCloud recently – I’ll definitely be supporting this album…

The LP will be Kris Klayton’s first since 2009′s A Mind Of Its Own V 2.0-The Upgrade, which itself was a revised version of his 2007 debut album, A Mind Of Its Own. As with those two records, Wall Of Sound will come out on UK imprint R2 Records. According to the label, Karizma originally submitted 43 tracks, which was whittled down to 39, divided between double-CD, double-vinyl and digital formats. It features several collaborations with the likes of Osunlade, Rokaz and Sean McCabe. You can check out the sample I heard on R2′s SoundCloud page.

Album Name: Wall of Sound
Release Date: 2nd September 2013
Label: R2 Records
Format: 2xCD | 2xLP | Digital

CD 1:
01. Krystofer
02. Mama
03. Just A Thing
04. Rimaniss
05. Deeper Than You Know
06. Kan Rock Feat. Krystofer
07. Hear And Now Feat. Osunlade
08. Ya Dig
09. Nuffin Else
10. Reflektives
11. W.O.Slude
12. Kellah
13. Within Me
14. Naycha
15. 2wice
16. Melodies Of Life
17. Knext
18. The Tinkler

01. The Gates
02. Still Tha Same Thing
03. Off The Wall Feat. Rokaz
04. Rude Boy Rub
05. One Note Jam
06. My Destiny
07. Grabbb Somebody Beats
08. Tool Up
09. Systeme’
10. Sense Of It All
11. Pianolude
12. A Set Purpose Feat. Sean Mccabe
13. So.Mthin

Digital Bonus Tracks:
01. Ooh Pt.2
02. The Red Sunrise
03. Miss You
04. W
05. How
06. Up To You