Depth of My Soul Vol.6

Depth of My Soul Vol.6 Cover

Depth of My Soul embarks on another episode with Vol.6 in the collection – an addition to the previous 5, Nat Wendell invited you to join him as he takes another detour into his darker sides with this submissive yet hard hitting selection of  tracks.

Tracks featured on this mix are from a few artists that fit into the dub-genre of deep house, both new and some old cats such as: Audiowhores, Huxley, A Lister and many more. Like with previous versions of Depth of My Soul – this mix features some old and new tracks that blend together to create one europhic mix, Depth Of My Soul Vol.6

I hope you enjoy this mix.

Nat Wendell 

Depth of My Soul Vol.6 Cover










Track List

01  – Salam – Marcus Worgull, Peter Pardeike

02 – Do U Understand – James Johnston

03 – Trapped (Audiowhores Club Mix) – Audiowhores

04 – Little Things – Huxley

05 – S.A.R. (Original Mix) – Nikola Gala

06 – The Click – Breach & Dark Sky

07 – Never You (Original Mix) – A Lister

08 – Bar A Thym – Kerri Chandler

09 – Do You – The Golden Boy

10 – Dub No.2 (Original Mix) – Paul Sirrell & Swing Kings

11 – Lose This – Tomson

12 – Deeper Love (Original Mix) – Disco Kid

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Depth of My Soul Vol.6 

Nat Wendell – UFM – March 2012

NatWendell-UFM Logo1 Sat

Nat Wendell deliveres a powerful show. 2hours of deep & soulful house music, both brand new and classic tracks.

This weeks show features new tracks from the following artists: Tamara Wellons, Kort, The Mutherfunkaz, Distant People & many more…

Listen back to the show to hear what you missed.










Full Track List:
01: My Love Song (Libation Vox Mix By Ian Friday) – Distant People ft Nickson

02: Euphoria (Jose Carretas Son Liva Mix) – Tamara Wellons
03: Freestylin’ – John Collins
04: Echo Our Dreams (Zulu Loves Spoken Word Mix) – ZuluMafia feat Zethu
05: A Wonderful Place (Sean Mccabe Wonderdub) – Blaze pres. Udaufl feat. Ultra Nate
06: Move Your Body (Maurice Joshua Remix) – Marshall Jefferson feat. Curtis McClain
07: Savana – Kort
08: De La Bass – Raw Instinct
09: Dont It Feel Good – Jordan Peak
10: Hallelujah (kaoz club mix) – Kerri Chandler
11: Dust Of Basement – DJ Le Roi
12: Setting Up The Business – Jeremy Juno
13: Oh I (Miss You) (Atjazz Astro Dub) – The MuthaFunkaz
14: Lovery (EFX Dub) – Tuccillo & Kiki Navarro feat. Amor
15: New Me (Frankie Feleciano Remix) – Jonny Mntana & Dawn Williams
16: Passing Thru (Sean McCabe Remix) – Poussez VS Demarkus Lewisn ft Hannah Kennoh
17: Do It Better – The Layabouts ft Portia Monique
18: iCulture – Richard Earnshaw
19: Skyline (Sean McCabe remix) – Migosy
20: Bar A Thyme – Kerri Chandler
21: Live On – Wookie ft Lain

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Depth of My Soul Vol.3

Depth of My Soul Vol.3

Nat Wendell is back with his 1st Deep House Mix of 2012 – Depth of My Soul Vol.3!

This mix, as with the previous Depth of My Soul mixes, features a mixture of both old and brand new Deep House tracks, which has been selected, mixed & compiled by Nat Wendell.

The 1st track of this mix “rain” is the classic deep house tracls featured on this mix & is by one of the Greatest Deep House producers, Kerri Chandler, which is also a favourite track of mines. Some of the new tracks featured on this mix are by: Franck Roger, Rivani, Dominic Martin.

If you like your House Music deep, you’ll definitely like this mix.


Depth of My Soul Vol.3










Full Track List

01. Rain – Kerri Chandler
02. 101 – Rivani
03. Free Row Singnal (Dub_Mix) – Gmbos
04. Civilisation Lost – DJ Garphie
05.  Jimma (Francesco Chiocci Remix) – Khyan
06. Deep In – Franck Roger
07. Sabrosito (Matthias Heilbronns pdp Dub) – Matthias Heilbronn and Joeski
08. One Chance (Aki Bergen Dub-O-Matic Mix) – The Realm and V
09. Let You Go (Rocco & Kiko Instrumental) – Kiko Navarro feat. D7
10. Homage New Jersey – Dominic Martin
11. Crowded – Rivani
12. When U Touch Me – Torquato & Boghosian
13. We Bring The Music (Jimpster Dub) – Freak Seven

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Depth of My Soul Vol.3

Nat Wendell – UFM – 4th February 2012

NatWendell-UFM Logo1 Sat

2 Hours of deep & soulful house music brough to you by Nat Wendell.

As with the usual shows, Nat Wendell brings you some brand new tracks and a few classics of both Deep & Soulful House.

This weeks show features music from Sean McCabe, Rivani, Khyan, Blaze, Richard Earnshaw + Many More










Full Track List

01: I’ll Be There (Guy Robin Remix) – Suges
02: Golden Lady (Louie Vega Roots Mix) – Reel People ft Tony Momrelle
03: And I Love Her – CCO
04: Do You Believe It (Frankie Feliciano Vocal Mix) – Hennings Project feat Nickson
05: Its Like Nothing – Stephanie Cooke
06: A Wonderful Place (Sean McCabe Remix) – Blaze presents Udaful ft Ultra Nate

07: ICulture – Richard Earnshaw
08: Heaven (Marlon D Remix) – Kem
09: A Word of Dreams – Melchyor A
10: Skyline (Rancido Remix) – Migosy
11: Civilisation Lost – DJ Garphie
12: 101 – Rivani
13: Rain – Kerri Chandler
14: Jimma (Francessco Chiocci) – Khyan
15: One Chance (Aki Bergen Remix) – The Realm and V
16: Punks Getdown – Anthony Nicholson
17: Let You Go (Rocco & Kiko Instrumental) – Kiko Navarro feat. D7
18: Strange Taboo – Bobby Trenton ft Silvio Gigante
19: Honey (Mr Moon Soul Deep Dub) – Lisa Shaw
20: All The Way – Francese

21: Celebrate Us – Salvatore Agrosi Feat Sabrina Chyld
22: Closer (Dj Spinna Remix) Goapele

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Soul Aspiration Vol.6


Soul Aspiration Vol.6 – Nat Wendell’s Christmas Mix.

As we’re fastly approaching December 25th and Christmas is all about giving, I would love to be able to be Santa and drop you all a lavish gift for this joyous time especially after all the great support you’ve provided to me over the last year.

Instead, I’ve managed to mix & compile a selection of some New & Classic Soulful House tracks as a thank you. I wasn’t going to do this mix until next year but, there’s no time like the present and I have so much lovely songs to share with you guys.

As this is my last mix of 2011, and as the saying goes, you must end the year with on a high (no puns intended), I thought I’d add my all-time favourite house track at the end of this mix, Track 13: The 1, 2 (Reelsoul Vocal Mix) – A G Thomas.

As always with Soul Aspiration, it’s a mixture of Deep & Soulful House Music mixed and compiled by myself, Nat Wendell.

Thank you for all  your continuous support and I hope I you’ll continue to support me as I will endeavour to deliver my weekly radio show & regular mixes.

I hope you enjoy this mix along with your Christmas & New Year.

I look forward talking to you soon.

Nat Wendell









Full Track List:

1. You Are The One (Reel People Keyapella) – Deborah Bond
2. Inside of Me (DJ Christos Magic Session Remix) – DJ Christos pres. Ree Morris
3. Flight (Nulife Vocal Mix) – Studio Appartment Feat. Monique Bingham
4. I Wana Be Yours – Menakeys & Marlon D Feat. Emory Toler
5. Wake Up (Mr. V Straight House Mix) – B.A.M & Reelsoul
6. Angel of Love – Guy Robin Feat. Anthony Moriah
7. My Heart Remembers (DJ Spen Re-Edit) – DJ Spen Pres. Marc Evens & N’Dinga Gaba
8. Race For Survival (Sean McCabe Remix) – Seamus Haji Pres. Mekkah ft Stephen Granville

9. The Promise (Fish Go Deep Vocal Dub) – Kerri Chandler
10. All This Love That I’m Givin (Sean McCabe Love Groove Dubstrumental) – Belezamusica
11. A Mothers Love (Pirahnahead Remix) – Kem
12. I Wanna Be Down (Charles Caliber Remix) – Brandy
13. The 1, 2 (Reelsoul Vocal Mix) – A G Thomas

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Soul Aspiration Vol.6

UFM – 17th December ft. Jaidene Veda


This weeks radio show, we had a very special guest, Singer/Songwriter, Prouducer/Sound Designer, Gueririlla Filmmaker/ Photograpgher.

It was such a honour to have Jaidene down on the show, she has a great personality and loads of energy! Hopefully having Jaidene on will give you an insight into her background, her currnt affairs & her future projects.

I definitly suggest you come down to the party next week Friday and check this extra talented artist out.

Event Details:
Date: 23rd December| Event Name: House Headz meets Fundamental | Venue: Vibe Bar (The Truman Brewery. 91 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL)

“After three co-written & self-produced indie albums, two Billboard club singles, and several international chart topping ep’s including ‘SUNDAY’, ‘SOUL SIZE LOVE’ & ‘THE ONE’, Jaidene Veda has become a recognizable voice in both the underground house community & top 40 club circuits around the world. Often described as “Bjork meets Sade”, UK’s ‘Kula Records’ recently dubbed her a “modern day Tracey Thorn”.












Full Track List:
01: Joy Fantasy – DJ Tessen
02: Come Toegther – Andy Ward & Random Soul
03: The Promise (Fish Go Deep remix) – Kerri Chandler
04: Do It (Mindlo & Essential I remix) – Shake The Dog feat. Monique Bingham
05: I Wanna Be YoursMenakeys & Marlon D feat.Emory Toler
06: All This Love That I’m Givin (Sean Mccabe Love Groove Dubstrumental Mix) – Belezamusica
07: Please Don’t Save Me (Maurice Joshua Main Mix) – Terissa Griffen
08: My Heart Remembers (spen edit) – Spen Presents Marc Evens & N’Digba
09: P 2 Da J – Dennis Ferrer
10: So Clear (Future Dub) – Spiritchaser
11: Deep In – Franck Roger
12: Star (Rocco Underground Mix) – Reel People feat. Tony Momrelle
13: Friday Blues – DJ Tessen

[Jaidene Veda Guest Interview & Album Plug]

Guest Interview & Album Plug Track List:
01: Sunday (Jimpster Remix) – Osaze feat. Jaidene Veda
02: Hold’Er (Hold Her), Veda Vocal Refix – Trancemicsoul & J.Veda
03: Mind Fluid – Trinidadian Deep ft J.Veda & Hosanna Littlebird
04: Soul Size Love (Andy Compton Peng Dub) – J.Veda
05: Big Time Sensuality (BJöRK vs JAY DENES) – J.Veda


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Nat Wendell – UFM – 10th December 2011

NatWendell-UFM Logo1 Sat

Another great 2 hour show provided by Nat Wendell…

2 Hours of Deep & Soulful house music.










Full Track List:
01: You Are The One (keyapella) – Deborah Bond & Reelsoul
02: Back In The Day (James Backstar John Bootleg) – Erykah Badu
03: Missing You – Caros Vargas ft Nicole Mitchell
04: The Cooler – Leather Spray
05: Proof (FCL Remix) –
06: Yellow (GA Edit) – Kerri Chandler
07: Like Music – The Jinks ft Zodiac
08: Inside of Me (Ralph Gum mix) – DJ Christos & Rhee Morris
09: Just A Little Bit – Sean McCabe ft Stephanie Cooke
10: Race For Survival (Sean McCabe Remix) – Seamus Haji pres. Mekkah feat. Stephen Granville
11: Get Out – Kerri Chandler
12: Make Me Beautiful – Sofia Rubina
13: Wake Up – B.A.M & Reelsoul
14: Loving You – John Oudo ft Adeola Ranson
15: Flight – Studio Apartment ft Monique Bingham
16: Spring Reigon – Lonya & Ilya ft Megal De Razon
17: When You Touch Me – Torquato & Bogosian
18: Our Tribe (Kojo Remix) – Andy Compton ft Rowan
19: Infinity DUB – Jimpster
20: Touch of Soul – Dominic Martin
21: Meaning of Living (caliber production remix) – E-Man & Doc Link
22: I Dont Speak About House – Pablo Ferreiro
23: Epleptia – Antonio Santana

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UFM – 3rd Dec 2011

NatWendell-UFM Logo1 Sat

Nat Wendell has completed another 2 hour deep & soulful house show.

The show consists of brand new tracks including some of yesteryear.












Full Track List
01: Flight – Studio Appartment ft Monique Bingham
02: Inside of Me – DJ Christos ft Rhee Morris
03: I Wana Be Down (Charles Caliber Remix) – Brandy
04: Something For The Weekend (joey negro remix) – Ben Westbeech
05: Rave for Survival (Sean McCabe Remix) – Seamus Haji pres. Mekkah feat. Stephen Granville
06: Spring Reigon – Lonya & Ilya ft Megal De Razon
07: Keep Coming – Lovebirds
08: Yellow – Kerri Chandler

09: Voices – Oscar P vs Moba Sound
10: Maybe We Can Be Free – Jonny Montana ft Pete Simpson
11: Our Tribe – Andy Compton ft Rowan
12: When You Touch Me – Torquato & Bogosian
13: Staying In – Shur I Kan
14:  Homage New Jersey – Dominic Martin
15: Back In School – The Time Writer
16: Last Night – Mettes
17: Love Can Damange Your Health – Telepopmusik
18: Epleptia – Antonio Santana
19: My Heart Remembers (spen edit) – Spen Presents Marc Evens & N’Digba
20: Son of Raw – Dennis Ferrer
21: Revival – Soul Dynamic ft Adeola Shyllon
22: Run Free (sean mccabe remix) – Dennis Ferrer Ft KT Brooks

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Soul Aspiration Vol.5

Soul Aspiration 5 Vol.5

Nat Wendell returns with Septembers edition of Soul Aspiration – Soul Aspiration Vol.5.

Soul Aspiration Vol.5 deliveres another smooth blend of Deep and Soulful house music, ranging from classic to brand new tracks.

Soul Aspiration Vol.5 has been mixed and compiled by Nat Wendell.

Please join Nat as he takes you on another journey into his soulful side of House Music.

Soul Aspiration 5 Vol.5

Full Track List:
01. We Can Make It Happen – Phil Asher & A C Layne Feat Babysol
02. Summer Love – Sobz
03. Shine – Peter James Kahn & The Glovz
04. So lonely – KqueSol & D.O.O.P. feat. Shatti
05. Whatever It Takes (Sean McCabe Remix) – Shirley Jones & Jean Carne
06. Missing You (Groove Assassin Deepa Mix) – Carlos Vargas feat. Nicole Mitchell
07. Track 1 Revisited – Kerri Chandler
08. Like Music – The Jinks feat Zodiac
09. Freedom To Love (Reel People Rework) – Incognito
10. Nothing (Marlon D’s Underground Collective Vocal Mix) -Version
11. Life Cycle – Bittersuite
12. Held Onto Me – Afronaut And Aphrodisiax feat. Sabrina Chyld
13. Just A Little Bit – Sean McCabe & Stephanie Cooke

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Soul Aspiration Vol.3

Soul Aspiration vol.3

Nat Wendell is back with another brand new mix, Soul Aspiration Vol.3 – A follow up from Soul Aspiration Vol.1 & 2, Vol.3 carries on with the same soul enfused format to add to this series.

This mix features 14 tracks, mostly new and a few old tracks for the trip down memory lane.

Join me on yet another soulful journey into Soul Aspitation.

Full Track List:
01. Inspiration – Kerri Chandler Presents Arnold Jarvis
02. Maybe We Could Be Free – Jonny Montana ft Pete Simpson
03. Quiet Place – Reelsoul feat. Dawn Tallman
04. Found My Light (layabouts vocal mix) – Imaani
05. What It Feels Like – Arnauld D
06. Beautiful Life – Stephanie Cooke & Diephais feat Han Litz
07. Electricity – QNB
08. Love Of My Life – Zepherin Saint & Nathan Adams
09. My First Love – Mona Bode feat. Johnny Dangerous
10. Crying For Love – Manoo & Francois ft. Dyanna Fearon
11. Reach – Alex Millet feat. SuSu Bobien
12. You & Me – BSC feat. Jessie Colasante
13. How Do I Let Go – Dennis Ferrer feat. KT Brooks
14. Essence Of You – Leslie Carter & Diamondance pres Godesss NRG

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